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    LF for a pic of clowns hosting a nem

    Hi guys, Im going to try the pic of clowns hosting nem theory to get my new clowns to host my rbta. If anyone has a good pic of there clown hosting and would like to share pm me. Black and white clown preferred if not ok to. Thanks

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    Hey man. I am a big believer in the method. I dfound showing youtube videos on my phone against the glass was very reactive with them. It's almost likes it scares them into wanting to hide from another larger clown, but they seem to get the idea of diving into something from the picture/video. Here are mine shortly after that worked for the first time for me. Let us know how it goes!

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    after walt told me bout the colander method i looked into it seamed to work for alot of people but if ur like me and the nem is comfortable where its at dont really want to mess with it

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