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Thread: Six Line Wrasse

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    Six Line Wrasse

    So I'm a big fan of getting investors instead of renters. Fish need to give back to my community to make it great.

    So I got a Six Line to help pick away any pest I might miss. Look for some pics as soon as he lets me. He's been slowly becoming for fluid in the tank.

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    let me know how hes is once he gets used to the tank ive been thinkin bout getting 1 but heard they can be pricks

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    I have a Six Line. It took him a week or so to get comfortable, now he cruises the tank nonstop, and picks at the rocks like crazy. As far as I've noticed, he's not being a prick at all. Atleast not yet. Lol

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    I've had two and both of them were MEAN. The second one was TINY. He started off as sweet but then he began terrorizing everyone in the tank. He now live in Japan. Good luck with your little fishy.
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    He's active now, leaves everyone alone. Besides, I'm pretty sure my clowns will keep him/her in check.

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    Only for so long. Once the wrase realizes he is king dingaling the fun begins

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