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80 Gallon Shallow Reef

Tank Overview - Part 1

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The Tank:

Deep Blue 80 gallon frag, picked this bad boy and stand up from AP after my power outage/crash. I love the dimensions but the thing has some negatives that I would change if i did it again. I got the rimmed version, its all tempered which is no bueno. the drain is only 1" with a 1/2" return. The rimless version is untempered. If I did it over I would get the rimless and drill the back for a glassholes overflow, remove the overflow box and plug the holes. The stand is a piece of crap to be honest, 6 months down the road I am not super happy with it, but it gets the job done. Its too short and the hinges are rusting.

The Sump:

Custom Will Luthman 20x36x16. Had Will build me this bad boy and it is awesome! Only one thing I would change, when I did the dimensions i just measured what would fit in the stand without thinking how I was going to get it in there. I ended up having to remove the top of the stand to place it in. Next time its going to be no wider than the side door. Also the depth is 12" which coupled with my short stand made getting a skimmer to work a PITA. I caved to peer pressure and went deeper than my originally planned 9".

The first concept sketch (i dont have a photo of the sump by itself.)

The Rock:

The majority of my rock is a single 40lb pukani boulder from BRS. I shaved a little bit of it down and spent some time with a chisel making about 4 caves that pass thru the rock in different directions. If i did it again I would knock off some of the overhangs on the left side so that I have more room to mount SPS.

The Light:

Reef Breeders Photon 32, best purchase I made specifically for this tank. It has been working great, I get excellent PAR readings and am super happy with it. The only thing lacking is because of the narrowness of the light vs my wide (24" tank) I am getting some shadowing in the rocks. I plan to alleviate this with the purchase of 2 additional 16" fixtures which will be hung from the sides in a H shape at a 45-60 degree angle.

To be continued with the rest of my equipment.
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  1. scotty's Avatar
    Oh man. Nothing like looking at your dream tank. I'll live vicariously through this blog kk?
  2. CienFuegos's Avatar
    Nice set up Matt. Like the spread your getting on the lights.