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My First Reef!!

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hello ladies and gents i figured i had some time to sit down and get this started so here u go (and also so walt wouldnt beat me up for not doin it )
i started with a 75 afican cichlid tank then picked up a 125 with loaches and soon started lookin at reef tanks online and got the bug i had to setup a reef.
this being my first stab at a reef i wanted to stick to keeping things that r a lil easier to keep so this tank will be zoa mushrooms and LPS. ill start things off with a FTS

ive got alot planned for the tank coming up and i will be updating with pics so stay tuned
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  1. keishakornbread's Avatar
    Looks good! We need to get some more corals in there!!
  2. Superchargedgp's Avatar
    looks great!!!
  3. gmguy496's Avatar
    thanks guys im gunna get my stand built for the outside fuge this weekend then all ill need is pump for this top fathom skimmer and ill be ready to rock