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Hi everyone, Welcome to my tank blog. My name is Matt and I have 3 years of reef experience. I got out of the hobby about six months ago, but i couldn't help myself. Im no pro, but i can hold my own. Im glad to post my tank blog in a new environment. Chicagolandreefs seems like a very nice forum with a great future and im happy to be here.

The tank right now(I am never satisfied and am always changing) is a Aqueon 4G AIO. I plan to accomplish my best tank yet. My goal is to create the best pico aquarium around.

Equipment will include your standard 50w heater controlled by a RKL. The RKL will also control the lighting as well as the ATO. My lighting choice was hard, but im confident the best setup is the Nano Tide Mini by I selected a custom lighting layout, ill break that down below. Ive already increased the pump from 89gph to 155gph. I feel this is enough flow for a tank this size. I dont think more flow is necessary. Well see...

4G Aqueon Evolve
upgraded 155gph pump
Rkl Sl1-toms aqualifter
50w heater

2RB, 1NW, 1UV, and Ocean White 3up star. Three channels with rkl controlling sunrise/sunset effect.(soon)
3lb Tonga Branch and a 1/2in sand bed

Future plans include adding my favorite corals such as Rics and Yumas. You'll see some palys and maybe a few lps. Ive had my eye on a few small clams and perhaps a harlequin pair. I dont know about fish yet. Its a pretty small tan. Please feel free to comment and add suggestions. We are all still learning. Happy 2014!

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I built the light finally. Mark at Reef City Aquatics gave me a used light fixture. I gutted it and somehow built a really nice pico light. I really couldnt be happier. I had concerns at first about heat, but 8 LEDs driven @700ma turned down to 30% doesnt even warm heatsink. I did a 5 hr heat test at 100% and barely warm.
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Mark at Reef City Aquatics gave me a used light fixture. 1NW, 3RB, 1UV, and the coral white 3up led from 2 channels with RB on one and NW, UV, CoralW on the other. Id like to point out that the CoralW LED is actually RD GN and CB. This gives a white light. This chip is typically an add-on for larger tanks to supplement color. The driver is again from LEDGB and is really nice. It is basically a hub with two potentiometers and 12v fan control. You can upgrade or downgrade the tiny Meanwell drivers that snap in. Each channel is capable of 22LEDs i believe. To power the driver I used a 19vdc 60W computer power adapter from the shack. The Makers Driver is capable of 48vdc for more LEDs. The heatsink was from an old ecozotic strip I gutted. I cut the heatsink so that i firmly fit it inside the housing and screw it down without drilling into the housing itself. The end caps hold everything together.
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Shes lookin good!

The tank had no die off nor did I force a cycle by adding tons of nutrients. I started with a few hermits. They have survived. I did test at my favorite reef store and had no noticable change. I setup this tank with cured LR and water out of the display at RC. I wasnt trying to have a cycle. When your doing pico tanks its really about water changes. Ive done 80% regular changes in the past with no affect.

FIRST FISH!!!! Its a grade A Picasso Clown. This guy was sitting in the bag at RC and never even made it to his tank. Absolutly gorgeous and has a neat black spot.

FIRST CORAL!!!! Two BTAs. One is a sunburst and the other just plain green. The green was actallly a pricy hitchhiker i took on for its health. I didnt wanna see it ripped off the rock. I generally dont like to molest my corals before or after the acclimation process. I know its common knowledge to have a mature tank before keep nems, but nems are very hardy in my experience. I also dont overfeed and my parameters are on point.

Here is a video of my newest additions..

I also added an Anenome crab to the crew.
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  1. Jeppun21's Avatar
    Nice Matt I can't wait to see what u do with the tank coral wise., I'm very glad to see u here bro... We need to get back on the nuvo band wagon lol
  2. m.miller1547's Avatar
    yeah i do. This lil Aqueon tank is a pos. Acrylic and just tiny! The nuvo 4g is of course beautiful, but i honestly dont plan to have this size tank for long. I kinda got this tank for nothing. Thanks
  3. tinman's Avatar
    Welcome back Dude,

    glad to see you here .. may good luck be with you this time