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El deep blue tanke

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Hi everyone! Well I have a 30g rimless deep blue tank. It is sps dominant and here is what equipment I have in the tank so far.
30g deep blue tank
marineland stand
custom NSC sump
Reefkeeper lite with 2 pc4's,sl1,ph probe,dual ATo switch
ecotech radion with hanging kit
rio 1700+
bubble magus 3.5 come skimmer
cpr nano tumbler
fuge light

I also using around 20-25lbs of macro rock and they r epoxied together so it is one big rock. Also 20lbs of reef flakes sand and have cheato in my fuge.

live stock:
booyah clowns 1 darkside,1 snowflake, ora sharknose goby and yellow coris wrasse
Sps corals:
tyree setosa, red milli, JF Tierra del fuego, garf bonsai, JF mr. Yuck, Ora Hawkins, reefwise Bali green slimer, rr strawberry shortcake, ice fire enchinata, palmers blue milli, Cali tort, Ora red planet, tyree pink lemonade, JF unknown, vivid rainbow delight, Ora blue iris,psamm,tyree red dragon, uww sunburst Monti,JF aquaman Monti, Ora purple stylo, blue ice milli, red Monti cap
3g mummy's eye.
bam bam's, Rastas, scrambled eggs, utter chaos,lazer lemons,fruit loops, super saiyans.
Soft coral:
tyree green toadstool,orange fungia, green hammer


top view

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  1. keishakornbread's Avatar
    Looks great! You need more coral on your sandbed though!!
  2. EL REEFER's Avatar
    Thanks walt! Yes the sand bed will have more chalices,zoas, and clams! Later.
  3. Jeppun21's Avatar
    We needs close ups
  4. EL REEFER's Avatar
    Jeff I keep trying with my iPhone but the quality sucks. Once I have a better camera I will post up close up pics.