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80 Gallon Shallow Reef

Some Pics from today

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Took some photos from today to kick this off

Alien snot chalice from RW

pacman acro caduss from RW

appleberry monti

gonzo's homegrown shortcake



chromis and a nice overview shot

the rare fts

frag rack and right side

my duncan, started with 4 heads i think... and poof!

blenny in his hiding hole next to the RW $2000 acro

red planet in the foreground


camera scares belinda

belinda saying hi

blurry frogspawn


aquaman and 3g

pepper the hawkfish

tiger blood acan pics dont do it justice

acan, lepto, appleberry, favia

red and blue striped acan from RW for $26
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  1. Jeppun21's Avatar
    beautiful corals!! i want a frag of the first chalice deng it lol
  2. fwadiver's Avatar
    there are still a couple pieces of that at RW for something like $35 i think
  3. thechristalfamily1's Avatar
    do you have a pic of your diablo mili?