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It has been awhile since I last update so I thought I would share my troubles and progress. First, the troubles...

I set up an ATO to dose kalk at night. Needless to say, the float switches didn't always trigger to keep up with evaporation. Frustrated, I decided to top off via a controller timer instead. Months later, I am still tuning it in.

I purchased a magnesium test kit only to find out my magnesium levels were a little low. I decided to use Kent's Tech M to raise it. I did some math with the reef calculator and apparently dosed too quickly. Within two days (adding about a cup) it bleached my tank. colors are finally starting to come back. I have started adding magnesium again, this time much much slower.

Some coral colors seem to be fading. I understand they differ per tank but doesn't mean it isn't frustrating. For now, I am reading others methods to improve color and maybe I will see some common habits.

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