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RKL & Light Hanger

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We added a DIY hanger for our new light fixture. Having the light above the tank helps with both ease of maintenance, coral acclimation, the removal of the glass tops, more light penetration and more water evaporation. The bent conduit hanger was not my first light mounting choice. Because of limited access to tools and an air duct above the tank, it will have to work for now. We also added a RKL. So far, it has been really helpful keeping track of PH and light timers. It will fit in with our future automated dosing/top off plans. We also recently added a Wheeler's Goby and a pink Montipora Digitata. Here are some new pics:

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  1. Nxt's Avatar
    Your pictures are amazing!
  2. keishakornbread's Avatar
    Who fabricated it for you?
  3. Tangency's Avatar
    @Nxt Thanks!

    @Keisha kornbread - I made it. I just used a conduit bender.