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My Deepwater Candy Basslet - Mario

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On Saturday, November 18, 2013 I along with a couple local reefers headed on up to Rhinelander, Wisonsin for the Divers Den tour. I had been thinking about pulling the trigger on a major fish purchase for a week and decided it was now or never. I spent the majority of my time there inspecting the five specimens trying to decide between the smallest or the brightest one for my tank. In the end I decided on the brightest.

I'd like to introduce the newest member of the Chicagoland Reef fish collection, Mario the Deepwater Candy Basslet. This is my new baby.

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  1. DJE's Avatar
    He looks much better than the other. Glad he's out and not hiding. Congrats!

    and the music goes well with Latin Mario
  2. Tethered_Limbs's Avatar
    WOOOOO congrats walt!!
  3. keishakornbread's Avatar
    Thanks. I'm really loving him. I want another one now.