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As I mentioned earlier I wanted to treat the tank before I add any inhabitants. I don't think my "problem" is/was as great as others. But I thought it would be best to use FlatwormExit as a preventative measure.

I started off with nightly suctioning to reduce the population for one week.
I made up a batch of enough RODI water the night before for a 20% WC, set up the carbon reactor, carefully measured out the FlatwormExit Dose, held my breath, and dumped it in.

Yay! It started working instantly. The little buggers moved much more rapidly around the tank as the "medicine" worked. After they die they sort of string together like so:

After about 20~30 Min I started the carbon and WC's. The starfish, snails, dusters and little critters did no seem bothered by the dosage at all. So far, I consider the treatment a success. The plan is to dose another higher concentrate in about a week to get any remainders that batch #1 missed. The toxin should not be such an issue because the first batch took hopefully all (or at least the majority) out.

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  1. keishakornbread's Avatar
    The pic of the worms is not showing. I'd be interested in seeing what FW Exit does to them.