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Tangency's 90 Gallon Mixed Reef

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I decided to post my 90 gallon build in hopes of gaining some critique and advice. Please let me know if you see anything that could be improved. I am here to learn.

So this is it...

Just a little background...
My aquarium as I mentioned is a 90 gallon. I have kept an aquarium the majority of my life until I moved to Chicago a few years ago. I found a good deal on Craiglist and decided it was time to burn through any savings I had and try my hand at a reef aquarium .

About my current setup...
As you can probably notice from the picture is has an overflow box built in.
I am running a single VorTechMP40 currently. I have been extremely happy with it thus far and am impressed with the amount of innovation brought to an aquarium pump. Good job EcoTech.I think I will eventually need to add some additional flow on the right side but I decided it was best to wait until I add some corals and let them dictate if I need additional flow.

My current lighting setup was part of the Craiglist deal. It is a 48" 4x 54W PC. This will eventually be replaced before I add any corals. I am still researching light configurations and varieties. I am currently leaning towards a 6 bulb T5 for lower energy consumption and the ability to customize light temperatures. I plan on keeping LPS, Zoas, and soft corals. I understand the soft corals may be a "beginner" coral but I have been consistently drawn to their movement throughout my whole life. If you have any advice on lighting considering my goals it would be greatly appreciated.

Currently the setup has a 2" sand bed. I understand the benefits of a DSB but I opted for shallower. This was a difficult decision for me because I currently rent in the city. I was scared to use a deep sand bed and stir it up when we eventually decide to try a different neighborhood. Moving the tank has already stressed me out.

I have 130lbs of mature live rock also found on Craigslist. This has been a source of a concern for me as the seller was not completely upfront with me about a flatworm problem that I have now inherited. Discouraged, I have ordered a phosphate reactor that I will end up running carbon in for the initial treatment to help remove flatworm toxins after I dose the tank with Salifert FlatwormExit. I figured it would be better to medicate the tank before I add any inhabitants. I was also discouraged having to use a chemical treatment on the DT but I read that predators wrasses/nudibranches/ect ect have varied results with controlling the flatworm. That being said... lesson learned... I also have a small quarantine tank now.

I test water parameters every other day ...mostly out of boredom. I guess its a good habit to practice until conditions are a bit more stable. Two weeks after adding 2 cocktail shrimp to cycle I have yet to see a ammonia spike, nitrates or nitrites. I am hoping the established rock has some thing to do with this. I have started seeing what appear to be the beginning stages of diatoms on the sand substrate.

The tank has a 3 chamber acrylic sump located underneath and housed a Reef Octopus protein skimmer, a 250 w heater, an additional thermometer and my return pump. My plan is to move some of my live rock from the DT to the sump in hopes of freeing up some space.

I also ordered a magnet glass cleaner so hopefully future pictures wont have some much gunk on the glass. Yay!

Thanks for reading & and any advice given. Again, I really do appreciate it.
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