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Stomatopod Death Cube

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Mantis Shrimp Tank!!!!! Many Pics, Few Words.

How the tank sat after set-up


Checking out the new digs

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  1. Tethered_Limbs's Avatar

    Couple cool eye shots

    Rage mode digging in the sand

    Cool shot of her hitting a clam
  2. Tethered_Limbs's Avatar
    Adding her burrow

  3. Tethered_Limbs's Avatar
    Pretty sure she just molted maybe a week or two ago, couldn't find the molt (sorry Nate) but she is back to banging on the glass, and rearranging things in the tank. Pretty sure i need a bigger burrow next project for the tank to try and convince her to stop banging on the glass...
  4. Tethered_Limbs's Avatar
    Her first molt, only days after adding the burrow

    Kitty checking out the molt
  5. Tethered_Limbs's Avatar

    Condition of shell rot after molt

    Up close with her maxillipeds

    Good shot of the damage to her raptorial appendages from banging on the glass.... and cleaning her eye
  6. Tethered_Limbs's Avatar

    Couple of my favorite shots....
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  7. fwadiver's Avatar
    lol... love the curious cat in the pic... can i eat dis?
  8. Tethered_Limbs's Avatar
    New Gorg! Poopy phone shot, DSLR was dead when i went to take a pic. Will update with better pics later...