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Devin and Angie's JBJ RL 30

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We are planted tank nerds.

This is what we do:

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Angie, however, has been slowly whittling away my anti-salt resolve over the course of the last year.

The result was the purchase two weeks ago of a used JBJ RL 30 at Aquatic Experience 2 weeks ago. We had decided on this tank over a Nuvo for a variety of reasons. We didn't have the space for a 4 foot tank anywhere, and because of that decided on an AIO.

The last two weeks have been a flurry of equipment research and buying:

120w Reefbreeders Value LED.
Eheim Jager 125w.
Cadlights PLS-50.
BRS 4 stage RODI.
Red Sea pro test kits.
Standard refractometer.
CPR nano-tumbler.
Tunze ATO.

We bought 20 lbs of Pukani last weekend, and 20 lbs of Caribsea Reef Sand.

Walt was kind enough to hold our hands this weekend as we filled.

Angie did the in-tank rocky feng-shui.

Plan is a mixed reef, starting with a duncan, a torch, some acans and some zoos, moving on to SPS at the top of the arch when we feel comfortable.

We will be stocking lightly -- An ocelaris or two, a goby, assorted inverts.

Here is the tank dry last night while angie was playing with rock.
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The tank about to be filled.
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An expert not amused at the amateurish product.
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Kind of gross this morning.
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12 hours later, starting to look pretty ok
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