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JBJ 12G LED Nano Cube

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I got this tank almost a year ago but was waiting till the room it was going to go into got cleaned up and setup for more of a lounge area for the kids and I (Xbox playing area being main draw)

Here is a pic of the stand and tank:

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I ran up to Reef City Aquatics for some water, black sand, and Dr. Tim's today, Mark had everything I needed which was great saved me from running around town. As a side note, let me say I haven't been out to RCA in awhile, Mark has really stepped it up at that store, tanks were fuller than I have ever seen them, and he is carrying more dry goods, definitely worth a stop by if you haven't been in awhile.

Ok back to business... I had some dry rock I picked up over the summer for Marcos Rocks, I picked up specifically a pillar rock when they were on sale http://www.marcorocks.com/dry-rock/column-pillar-rock/ I actually got two pillars but after placing them in the cube I went with just one.

So rinsed out the sand, in went everything and here we are:

This is a shot with both the rocks in:

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After a discussion with the wife though it seems we are going to go with the smaller one, and give it a more minimalist look at this point. Here is where we left it for now:

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I might go back to Marco and get a shelf to sit at the bottom, but for now I think its good as its only a 12G I dont want too much in there.

So after all that stocked some Dr. Tims in there and will start water tests to see if I get a spike.

For livestock I think we are going to get some Black clowns and something for them to host in, and thats about it. Just want something nice and simple
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