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AIO Frag Tank

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Thought I would share another one of my tanks lol
My AIO frag tank!
I believe the tank is 18" x 28" x 8" tall
No live rock in main part, the right chamber has just chemipure elite and filter pad on top, then the center chamber has a handful of live rock rubble, and some cheato. The left chamber is where the return pump is. ENJOY!

Heres a pic after I removed all the frag racks and frags from my corners system -

After I decided the tank looked a bit too bare for my style I added extra LOL -

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  1. Jeppun21's Avatar
    dam! nice frag tank
  2. larcat's Avatar
    Why no live rock anywhere?
  3. Big Pappa Pump's Avatar
    There's live rock in the middle chamber of the filtration, along with cheato. I don't need a lot of rock as this tank only holds about 7 gallons of water and there's only frags. So as long as I keep the water in check, then everything else is just extra goodness
    I have about 1-2 lbs of rock rubble in there as well.
    ALSO - with no live rock in the actual tank part, it allows me to have extra room for more goodies and frags