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My Great Barrier Reef Savvy !

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Reef Savvy Build
Was originally looking for a frag tank, but figured this would suffice, as I mostly just needed a home for my nems

Will continue to update thread with pics as I progress.
Reef Savvy Rimless - 28x28x14

Building of the stand -
Used 2x4's for the framework
Top and bottom of frame

Attached the legs -

Put plywood on the bottom, got 2 of the sides shaped and permanently attached (The plywood on top was to help with a " spacing I needed for putting sides on)

Got wheels/casters mounted to bottom

Now for easily obtaining access underneath the tank, I kept the back panel open, with a removable panel on the front.
Front door building process -
Used wood glue and clamps, then used a brad nailer to connect trim and corner pieces

For the top edging to go around the bottom of tank, I stripped a 1x4 and rounded the edge, then took quarter round trim and nailed that to the top of it.

Showing how the front panel door interlocks with the stand
With this method, you do not see any edges, and everything is covered when the door is in place, making it invisible!!

Placed tank on stand to ensure fitting

Got it primed and painted -

Rockscaping is done -

Filled with water and LET THE CYCLE BEGIN!!!! Muahahahahaha

I got my 2 picasso clowns in the tank and added my nems -

Clowns hosting 1 of the 5 nems (they like to jump from one to the other LOL

I changed the light fixture to a better LED setup. Still need to get the wires ran back behind the wall again.
Also, added a nice handful of SPS to see if I can handle it (kind of a practice run lol)

Current Equipment
1 LED light fixture (does not have a name, got it from walt J )
2 MP10WES (hanging from the wall DID NOT USE VELCRO! will post thread of how I did it)
Rio+ 1400 return pump
1 Reef Octopus NWB-110
1 TLF reactor using carbon and GFO
JBJ A.T.O. Water Level Controller w/ Aqualifter pump

Current livestock
2 Picasso Clownfish
Pearl Wrasse
Midas Blenny
Orange spot goby
Potters Angel
Purple Linkia starfish
Typical cleanup crew snails, crabs, etc.
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