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My Shark Tank!

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When I lived in Florida, I had a beautiful shark tank that had black tip reef sharks. So, before I came up here, I had to get rid of them, and gave them to a friend of mine that works at an aquarium. Now I have realized, I really miss my sharks….. SO, I decided to get some sharks again!! This is my 125 shark tank build. PLEASE NOTE - THESE SHARKS ARE JUVENILES, AND I KNOW WHAT I’M DOING! These guys will be transferred into a bigger tank by next summer/fall which will be a 10 foot tank that will have the ends bowed, so there are no corners! Basically a 400+ gallon oval shaped tank!
The sharks that are currently in this tank are an Epaulette, Coral Cat, Banded Bamboo, and a Pacific Horn Shark. I do not have to worry about them bumping into corners, as they are not constantly swimming, and the Epaulette doesn’t really swim but walks…. Kinda fun watchin’ him move around LOL

So, here it goes!
Built the stand –

After I put the tank on the stand, I realized the edge of the tank was TOO close to the inside edge, so I added additional 2x4's to the top of the stand, instead of placing a piece of plywood on top, for added support.

Got canopy built, along with “frames” for the side window and wall side panel –

Frame for canopy -

Wet/Dry filteration system -

Tank is filled, has sand, and some rock work – NOW Let the paneling and window/glass framing begin -

Trimmed around the sides and corners –

Canopy door -

I put doors on both sides of the tank, instead of just the one, so I would have full access to the system –


Got the primer done –

The epaulette, naso tang, and vlamingi tang began getting curious at what was going on HAHA

Going to wait another day or two for the paint to really cure, so it doesn’t stick when I close the canopy and put the doors in place.

Got the lights mounted –

Will get another pic when just the moonlights are on and the "kids" are swimming around

Here is what it looks like when completely closed up –

Current Equipment – (some of this will change with their final home)
(3) LED Exotic light bars w/ dimmer switch
1 dimmable and remote control 8 foot LED strip kit (night time)
1 Eshopps overflow box - PH-1200
(2) Rio+ 2500 return pumps
1 Reef Octopus NWB-150 skimmer
1 TLF reactor - carbon to help with nitrates
JBJ A.T.O. Water Level Controller w/ Aqualifter pump

Current livestock -
Epaulette Cat Shark
Coral Cat Shark
Banded Bamboo Cat Shark
Blue Hippo Tang
Tomini Flamefin Tang
Chocolate Tang
Vlamingi Tang
Some other kind of tang lol – Don’t remember the name but is really nice looking.
and a couple Turbo Snails that I'm waiting to become the Epaulettes lunch! HAHAHA
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  1. keishakornbread's Avatar
    That stand is SERIOUS!!
  2. gmguy496's Avatar
    +1 on that stand is sweet... next time I try and build a stand im gunna have to talk to u... hurry up and make there new home already dammit lol good job dude