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80 Gallon Shallow Reef

Tank Overview Part Deux

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The skimmer:

This was the source of some tribulation. I originally had purchased a Vertex Omega 150 for this tank, however my 12" sump depth proved to be difficult. I solved this by going with a DIY Avast Pegleg skimmer. It runs recirculating and I would never go any other way now. Its fed by a 300gph eheim compact with the main recirc pump being a Sicce.

Here is the beauty in action

I have a swabbie for it, as well as a skimmate locker but have not used either as of yet.

Dosing/ATO etc:

Build on a trusty Tunze Ozmolator My current CAL/ALK needs are currently met with a AVAST K1 kalk reactor hooked up to the ATO. The ATO system is fed with RO/DI in a custom DIY 12 gallon resivoir. I also have a pair of AVAST dosing barrels with BRS 1.1ml/min dosing pumps for additional supplimentation. I have a dosing pump for mag as well but have never used it.

the kalk reactor which is situated in the refugium

ATO reservoir with dosing barrels in front

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    You need to tidy up that corner!