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My New Reef Baby

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Well I recently lost my mind with my first $700 fish purchase which opened a whole new world of craziness to me. I'm now addicted to the more rare fish in the hobby.

During the Black Friday sale at Best Fish I decided to push the envelope and snag his prize fish, the very rare Joculator Angelfish. I saw this fish when he first received it in August and was in love with it's color and personality. Now Trina is mine.

Please welcome Trina to the ChicagolandReefs.com family.....

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  1. gmguy496's Avatar
    nice pick up walt ur tank is making drool
  2. Herbie's Avatar
    dibs. i want sloppy seconds on the joc!! LOL. Beautiful fish walt. Looked like a little charachter even in the bag.
  3. DB9181's Avatar
    Beauty Walt - Just wondering, don't these look similar to the common BiColor Angels? (Minus the blue 'head' marking)