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My White Squat Lobster

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I just posted a profile page for Crinoids...and this is why. I picked up one of these beauties at the Divers Den facility Tour. These are interesting little buggers.

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  1. fwadiver's Avatar
    is that the pacman from RW?
  2. Herbie's Avatar
    i like that guy. is he filter feeding or waiting to spear a Joculator?
  3. keishakornbread's Avatar
    They are carnivores and scavenge around the tank. He's pretty good at catching Rod's foods in the current.
  4. keishakornbread's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by fwadiver
    is that the pacman from RW?
    It certainly is! It's doing really well.
  5. fwadiver's Avatar
    i might go buy a piece now