Tank It Easy Best Fish Aquatica

80 Gallon Shallow Reef

Some Pics

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the axe murderer

blurry belinda

milks stylo

JF twin spot psamma

tiny spot of setosa coming back from the crash, secale in the top left

sunny d explosion


Gonzo's Pink Rainbow Boobies



Sun Favia

other half of the twin spot psamma

3G mummy eye

duncan growth

morning star monti

pink acan not lookin too hot, hope it recovers

happy clam

fat dendro
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  1. larcat's Avatar
    Nice pics man! I love that red polyped monti.
  2. fwadiver's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by larcat
    Nice pics man! I love that red polyped monti.
    the jason fox aquaman, got it from walt, was a tiny little nailclipping originally
  3. keishakornbread's Avatar
    Belinda looks amazing!! Great pics!