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EcoTech ReefLink Review

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So it's been just under 90 days since I first got my hands on the ReefLink.

What does it do? Currently, it provides a wireless connection between your EcoTech Marine Radion and your PC.

So what does this mean? It means you can toss that old USB Cord and the headache that goes along with it every time you want to make a programming change to the lights.

Let's first talk about the good things, so I'll break this up into a Pro/Con section that add my own experience setting it up.


Easy Setup
WiFi - No longer needing to use the USB
Easy to read lights on the module for quick trouble shooting
Cat5 Support
Mobile Support
OSX Support


No Pump Support

Now I understand that some will argue my con, but it does not exist yet, I understand it is coming out soon, but it is not there yet.

My personal experience with it has been great, from the moment I took it out of the box, and plugged the usb to my PC and to the ReefLink, the few steps needed to setup the connection was a breeze. I had it up and running in under five minutes, and it is a beta unit! The future enhancement of using it to control the vortechs will be an awesome upgrade.

Thinking Ahead: My favorite part about the ReefLink is how unique it is. The way EcoTech took the product and built it, there is no end in sight. It has so much going for it, I can easily see this becoming a full fledged controller in no time. Best part is, with the way EcoTech builds everything, you can bet it all being WiFi. I can't wait to see where this road leads.

My overall review, outstanding.

image by garyrosenberg, on Flickr
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