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Hi everyone,
I've decided to develop my 250 gallon blog to help me keep control of what all has happened, happening, and what could happen in the future. So this past Christmas, my wife and I decided to build out our basement. We added approximately 800 square feet of space and within that area, I was lucky enough to incorporate a fish room! By no means is the fish room big, but it has certainly served it's purpose. The room is about 8-feet wide by 7-feet deep. Perfect size for what I wanted to do. I decided to I wanted my new tank to be an in-wall build. The tank I chose is a Marineland Deep-Dimension 250. This tank is nothing shy of 250 gallon and it has a footprint of 5-feet wide x 3-feet deep. It's height stands in at 27-inches tall. Dry, this beast weighs around 350 pounds. It took 4 grown men to lift it into the Odyssey to drive it home and then because the Odyssey leans forward, it took 5 grown men to carry it out and into the house. The tank is stellar. I have no complaints what-so-ever. The front of the tank is Starphire glass. It was designed with 2 corner overflows and returns that are seemingly quiet. Besides a "whistle" from the overflow every now and then, I've managed to keep the tank as silent as possible. I could continue to talk about this build or I could just show pictures. I think i will opt for pictures. Enjoy!!

The overall design of the basement that includes the tank and fish room.

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After the studs are in place, the room is becoming more distinguished!

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A view from inside the fish room. This is where I will have access to the entire system.

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The next two pictures really allowed me to visualize just how big this tank really is. That is my 3-year old son sitting on the tank's stand!

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After two days of trying to figure out the exact route to get the tank downstairs, we managed to get bring it down without injury or loss of fingers / toes. The result is my son sitting in the tank to show it's true size.

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Adding the finishing touches to the trim around the outside of the tank. The black rim around the tank really helped out and played a key part in being able to add the trim to the casing. We actually caulked the trim directly onto the tank and siliconed it from the inside to prevent any splashing to come through the front of the tank. The front of this tank will forever be dry.

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After adding approximately 280 gallons of RODI water out of a 75gpd RODI system, I was able to mix in the salt! Progress!! The light is a single MH grow light that is mounted up high just so I can see inside of the tank. At this point, I was really hoping that my current t-5 / LED fixture would be large enough to get rid of the shadow. There was some worry at this stage of the build as I didn't have the cash flow to replace the light or add another.

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After several days of waiting for the salt to mix in and for my heaters to arrive (There are 3x 300w - 900w heating this tank), I was able to transfer everything from existing 100g reef from upstairs. This was the part my wife was waiting for as she wanted her kitchen back! I think this was a fair trade - 250g for a kitchen! Notice the shadow. I was still worried that my light from the 100g would be strong enough to dissipate the shadow from the center brace. Nothing like seeing a $700 shadow in the middle of your new system.

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After looking at the shadow for a couple of hours, It was around midnight when I decided to swap the light. Out went the Metal Halide and in went the T5/LED combo light. I am excited with the outcome as it allowed me to have semi-shaded areas on the perimeter of the tank and a really nice amount of light in the center. My light is 36-inches in length and I think it spreads very nicely over the new 250 gallon display.

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As for the fish room, those pictures will come soon.
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  1. Nxt's Avatar
    This has to be one of the coolest builds I've seen in a long time! Well done.
  2. Jersey1992's Avatar
    This looks fantastic!