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Major Crash

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Well had a major crash, lost pretty much all SPS and a chunk of the LPS. some things are still clinging to life but almost everything is pissed off. Still trying to turn it around but not having much luck.
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  1. Herbie's Avatar
    I am sorry to hear that Matt. Keep up hope. You and @Keisha Kornbread and @Jeppun21 can rebuild together!
  2. Nxt's Avatar
    Sorry to hear that, let us know, we can help ya rebuild!
  3. Tangency's Avatar
    Sorry to hear. Try not to let it stress you out too much.
  4. gmguy496's Avatar
    good to see u back u'll be back to where u were in no time
  5. scotty's Avatar
    I feel your pain! Stay with it!