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60 gallon reef ready rimless cube

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Marineland 60 gallon cube (rimless)
William lutman custom sump
(2) 150 watt heaters
Eshopps psk 75 skimmer
TLF 150 meda reactor (GFO)
JBJ chiller
vortech MP10
RIO 2500 HP return pump
Kessil A350 light
ReefKeeper Lite Controller

1 onyx black clown
1 yellow eye kole tang
1 yellow clown goby
1 diamond watchman goby
1 fire shrimp
1 firefish goby

4 large mexican turbo snails
bunch of blue leg crabs

Updated 12-06-2013 at 03:41 PM by Superchargedgp

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  1. steveo9043's Avatar
    tank looks awesome man! The plumbing work looks top notch as well.
  2. Superchargedgp's Avatar
  3. Superchargedgp's Avatar
    well the tank is fish less now

    ich claimed all but fire fish and diamond watchman