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My JBJ Nano Reef Adventure

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Hello Fellow Reefers and Fish enthusiasts


My name is Jeff and i have been in the hobby for about 2 years.. Like almost everyone i first started my adventure as a fresh water enthusiast. Starting back in the Phillipines with a jar and feeding fish rice. Fast forward to my teens, i finally was able to get and afford a well equipped tank buying a Petco 10 gallon deluxe package that included everything i need to start FW.. But for me the FW seemed a little bit dull and i wanted to venture to something that was more vibrant and colorful which led me to SW.

For me, starting up and transitioning over to saltwater was very intimidating. I basically spent a good half a year reading up and stalking/admiring peoples beautiful saltwater tanks. I basically got intimidated buy the sheer cost of starting up and maintaining a SW tank.. I finally took the plunged when my fiance surprised me with a biocube 14 tank that I've been drooling over for a couple months.. After getting the tank i basically made every rookie mistake from cycling with fish, adding to much fish, adding corals prematurely, and ignoring a lot of experienced reefers advice(i thought i new everything)(NOT! lol)advice..

After over a dozen or more tank upgrades and changes i have a new tank that i would like to share with u folks ..

Stay tuned

aka Mr nano reefer
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  1. keishakornbread's Avatar
    Hey Jeff!! Welcome. Now..where are the pics.
  2. Herbie's Avatar
    Hi Jeff! you seem familiar.